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Solution Center

Need assistance with login or password reset, Wi-fi access for JC/CV, printing access, notebooks, and other equipment available for checkout for Jackson College employees.

Enterprise Technologies

Need assistance with Webi, Colleague UI, Canvas, Jet Steam, Account Issue, etc


Need assistance with the Jackson College Microsoft and Google E-mail.

Printer Problem

Need assistance with installing printer and its driver.

Network, VPN and Wi-Fi Issues

Need assistance to connect to the network, VPN, no network found, wireless connection errors, etc.

MS Teams/Telephony

Need assistance with MS Teams, inbound/outbound calls, and general phone issues.

Computer Issues

For assistance with software and hardware issues. Also includes malware incidents, BitLocker keys, and system reloads.

Services (3)

Login Assistance

I need assistance with logging into my Jackson College account for one of the following services: Canvas, JetStream, E-mail, Azure MFA, and Office 365 services.

General Assistance

Submit a ticket for general assistance.

Esports Problem

When describing your issue, please specify whether it relates to software or hardware.